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CelebriDucks History & Value Price Guide

Featured entrepreneur is the a new author of the Complete Price Guide To CelebriDucks Rubber Duck Collectibles Toys & Characters.

2018 History & Comprehensive Collection Of Everything CelebriDucks-Authorized version – 1st edition kindle Character Identification. What is your CelebriDuck worth?

My book is NOW published and available in the Kindle store. After almost a year I have done something that I thought I would never do. I authored a BOOK. Imagine that!

Stay tuned for some really awesome giveaways to promote it. We will be giving away autographed RARE CelebriDucks from the private pond of Craig Wolfe.

When I first had the idea of writing a history and price identification guide to CelebriDucks, I knew I wanted to get the story straight from Craig Wolfe, the founder of the company.

This book is an account of the CelebriDucks story and complete collection with photos, of every CelebriDuck character ever made. You are about to discover the CelebriDucks phenomena from its founder, Craig Wolfe, in his own words.

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Click here for sample of the price guide version on Amazon. Contact us if you would like it in a PDF file