How Do You Make a Living?

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Weird & Unique Products & Services

Our nationwide business directory is growing and our staff is actively gathering information for new, unique, bizarre and
one of a kind products, services and coolest ways to make money.

Most of have have all heard or said “I never knew they did that! I never knew they made something like this! I never thought of that.”

How do you make your living?

Thousands of businesses, products and services available in the U.S. and we are looking for new, unusual, bizarre ways people make a living. We want to hear from everyone who created their own money making full or part-time businesses.

Our unique products and services section is in the next phase of reviewing listings and submissions from our business owners, entrepreneurs and employees who want to be included in the this fun and interesting section.

To get listed in our directory listing and review, create your business or service listing directly on the web site.

Use the category UNIQUE BUSINESSES CATEGORY for faster review.  (for details on how to create a quick listing, click here.)

Or drop us a line via email about how you make a living.

Include in your email submission:

In The Subject Line of Your Email IncludeBizNoid New and Unique
Email it to: chrisjo@biznoid.comnew cool unique bizarre luxury products services
Attach Press release (if any)
About your business,  service or product
Include logo or photo representation
Link to your web site

Listing Review Qualifications:

Must have a web site or internet presence
Must be located or service the U.S. or Canada
The more unusual or innovative careers the better.

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact project coordinator