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Two Listing Options on BizNoid

  • Free Business Listing:  NOTE: Due to the amount of listing submissions, the FREE OPTION is currently not a guaranteed listing, You can submit free listing for review and publication. 
– 1 year and logo image.
Listing reviewed in 24 hours.
$5.00 yearly 1 YEAR
1 Logo Image Mandatory

PROMOTIONAL DISPLAY: Business Listing, upload images and pdf files, display your banner, page has reviews and map section, free press, article publication andunlimited categories. $99.00 yearly 1 YEAR
Up to 5 image or pdf file – 1 Logo Image Mandatory



NOTE: You will be posting a complete web page listing for our users to view your information, a link to your web site, map, photos, discounts and specials if you have them.

Please be sure when you create your page, you provide the user with as much information about your product, business or service as possible.

Be sure to include a link to your web site as well as complete address and any contact information so users can purchase or get more information. Once received, our staff will review and activate all listings and will be on display for a minimum of one year or until you remove it.

1- Register: There is no charge. Once you register, you will receive an email to verify your email and create your password to access your control area.

2- Log In: After you register and verified and are logged in, click the  “Add Your Business Listing Here or at the top of the page”


Select your state and category: Please select the proper state and category in the drop down menu.

Enter your business, product or service details: Please enter as many details as you like.

5Upload your logo or photo: You are able to upload one photo that best represents your service and can include text overlay.

6- Confirm your photo is correct: Then select “list your business and you will see a listing submitted message.

Advertising on

If you would like to display a banner, be featured or work out additional promotions, please contact our office to discuss any advertising space we have available. Our staff can help you design a banner or you can provide one.

NOTE: Advertising space on the web site is limited. Please check with us for availability.

Press Releases: We accept press releases and articles to publish on our upcoming blog and throughout the web site. To submit a press release or article on your business or service, contact our webmaster director

Featured Listing: You can opt to purchase an indefinite featured listing for only $25.00 which gives you the ability to place up to 5 photos, attachments and other files on your listing as well as front page and throughout the site promotion.

All listings published in our online directory are at the sole discretion of, we reserve the right to approve, disapprove and or edit all listings and images appearing in our directory.

If you need assistance you can call or email our staff.
Email: – Office: 760-735-8690 (PST)

How to list your business or service anywhere in the country in BizNoid directory.

List your business with BizNoid local listings and local business directory add business directory listings to attract new customers.

One of the easiest, most cost-effective way for businesses to attract new customers is to list your business, product or service in online directories. Consumers use the Internet to get information before making purchases or doing business. They’re getting a lot of this advice through reviews found on local business directories. If your business is not listed completely and accurately on as many sites as possible, you’re missing out on a big opportunity.

Adding your business listing into our directory and to post it on our web site is free and easy. There is no charge for our basic listing.

All business submissions are throughout the United States are considered.


  • Be sure to fill out all fields in your listing setupnew cool unique bizarre luxury products services
  • Check your spelling
  • Include a paragraph or two at the very least about your business, service, etc.
  • Upload a logo or banner – a 250pixel x 250 pixel displays best.
  • Include STATE, CITY and address, please do NOT abbreviate them, spell the state and city out.
  • Be sure you have included a link to your web site
  • Add tags to your listing during setup (a minimum of three tags will help your listing come up in searches.)
  • Double check that you have entered your correct and working web site link
  • Add a link to our site from your web site to get a free listing on BizNoid

Note: We reserve the right to edit your listing including text and image content If additional images and content are needed to complete your listing, our review staff may visit your web site for that content.


NOTE: All business listings are subject to review and approval is based on a number of factors including:

An active and working web site with no issues.
Enter LOTS of details about your company, service or product.

All listings MUST have a logo or banner uploaded at the time of posting.
Your business listing in the directory MUST be complete.
Your directory listing must have a state and city included.
Contact information must be current and complete.

All listings published in our online directory are at the sole discretion of, we reserve the right to approve, disapprove and or edit all listings and images appearing in our directory.

If you need assistance you can call or email our staff.


Potential customers see your listing when they search for places to go, types of services and zip code areas. So if you’re a business owner and want to add a listing, read the instructions below.

Seeking: Businesses, services and products nationwide. From Attractions to Zippers. Our users are looking for all types of places to conduct their business. Also seeking the “Gosh I didn’t know they had that” products and services that include online purchasing and services for all types of consumers including business to business as well as residential markets.

If you have specials and discounts, please add them to your listing, our staff will review and add your discount on the discounts page as well.

Multiple Locations: If you have multiple locations, you are welcome to list as many locations in the directory as needed. If you need assistance, contact us to help.


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