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Viking Fence Austin
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Viking Fence is an Austin-based fence and gate supplier. They offer fence/gate installation for residential and commercial applications, as well as fence rentals to create temporary perimeters for events.
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Founded in 1972, Viking Fence has been servicing the Austin area for nearly four decades. Its sister companies, Viking Fence Dallas and Rent Viking, also expand services to Dallas and Houston.

They specialize in the production and installation of wood, chain link, and iron perimeters. They also provide accompanying gates in the same materials. Other materials offered include vinyl and masonry. For commercial applications, Viking Fence focuses on offering fence configurations that provide maximum security and automation.

In addition to development and installation services, Viking Fence also offers fence and gate repairs, whether it's minor adjustments, ensuring gates open/close properly, or replacing entire fence sections.

Among their rental services are crowd control barricades for large events, water barricades, and sanitation rentals (such as porta potties and hand sanitizing stations).

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(512) 837-6411
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9602 Gray Blvd
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