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When You’ll Use Online Faxing

When You’ll Use Online Faxing

Despite the common assumption that faxing is largely outdated, there are still plenty of reasons to send faxes over the internet in 2022 and beyond! The old-fashioned physical fax machine might be a daunting prospect for younger generations, but online faxing is a solution that is as easy to use as email.

Online faxing for security

When you send a fax to anyone, anywhere in the world, it gets encrypted and protected from any unauthorized access. This is why businesses and other organizations trust that sending sensitive information through online faxing will keep that information confidential.

Online faxing is secure because it uses military-grade 256-bit encryption. This means that users can place their trust in the security of this method of sending information. On the other hand, services like email are not equipped with end-to-end encryption, meaning that hackers can easily read any sensitive information inside an email if they are able to access the server.

Online faxing for meeting modern-day needs

With more companies and individuals looking to cut down on their carbon emissions, online faxing provides the perfect opportunity to go paperless. Where important documents might have been printed and sent in the mail, online faxing gives a greener option.

Also, in a fast-paced world attached to computers and smartphones, it is possible to quickly send and receive faxes through these devices.

There is no need for companies or individuals to worry about online faxing being slow, just because it is an old-fashioned term! It can be just as fast as sending an email.

Online faxing for tracking document status

If you have a very important document to send, online faxing can help you track its status. Proof of transmission provides you with a digital receipt that proves the recipient successfully received your document. This can make online faxing a great solution for business-to-business dealings where it would be wise to keep official records of documents sent and received.

Online faxing for cutting costs

If you are looking to save on printing costs and send information more securely, online faxing could be right for you. Purchasing and maintaining a traditional fax machine also comes with many costs which are eliminated with online faxing.

You simply need to pay a fee to use an online faxing service, and everybody registered to the system will be able to send and receive encrypted documents in minutes.

Jack Vale is a writer from Happy Writers, Co.