How to Accessorize Engagement Photos

How to Accessorize Engagement Photos

It’s your chance to try out different poses and get super comfortable in front of the camera for your big day! Signing up for a shoot of engagement photos with your significant other might not feel like a particularly important decision, but there are so many benefits to doing it.

Capturing your feelings of excitement and hope for the future shortly after becoming engaged is a momentous occasion, and the professional photos will be of such great quality that they can be presented in your home for years to come.

Your mind might already be racing with ideas to make the cutest and most beautiful photos, so we have come up with some inspiration to get your engagement photos standing out from the crowd! 

What are props for engagement photos?

Props are there to add some personalization to your reel of engagement photos. It is important to remember not to stress too much about them – they will only make up part of your photo shoot. The main focus is yourself and your partner! 

All kinds of different props can be used for engagement photos, but try to pick something meaningful that expresses your interests or feelings as a couple. For instance, think about how you met. If you enjoyed a romantic ‘love at first sight’ meeting in a defined setting such as a bakery, how could you resist sorting out some baking props? Details like these will live on forever if captured in your engagement photos.

Consider all your special interests as a couple. A few easy props that could serve as inspiration include the following:

  • Books
  • Sporting equipment such as golf clubs
  • Your family pet
  • Bikes
  • Musical instruments
  • Food
  • Vehicles (a family car or truck)
  • Items from your favorite movie or TV show (see this Jurassic Park themed shoot)

There’s no need to overthink your decisions. Props are only there to add some fun to a few of your engagement photos. The most important feature to capture is always going to be the happy couple and their new engagement rings!

How to accessorize yourself for engagement photos

Of course, your surroundings are not the only thing that can be accessorized on the day of your engagement photos! Consider how you will dress, since these photos will have pride of place in your home for years to come. 

  • Avoid very trendy clothes. Don’t wear something that will go out of fashion as quickly as it came in! If you do that, your engagement photos will look dated very soon. Choose something classic and timeless to be on the safe side. 
  • Think twice about bright, fluorescent colors. Not only do they alter the color of the person standing next to you, they simply might be a fashion choice you regret when looking back on the photos in years to come.
  • Wear accessories that might make you feel more comfortable. Being in front of the camera is not a natural feeling for most. By all means, bring along a funny hat or belt if that gives you a reason to pose for the camera!
  • Go for comfort. Both physically and mentally, you want to choose an outfit that makes you feel comfortable enough to enjoy your big day! If both yourself and your partner go into the shoot feeling comfortable and confident, it will be reflected in the photos.