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Why consider online business directory as a SEO option

Not all online searches and transactions are performed on search engines. Directories and social media websites expand your reach and can attract lucrative leads on the web at an inexpensive cost. Whether free or paid, directories are worth considering in your ad budget.

Searches on the internet take users to many results. Searches performed on search engines are not the only way to boost your visibility. There are numerous online directories for free and paid inclusion that will display your results in the search engines. Online directories can be a good source of leads and best of all you can manage the content of your listing.

The goal here is to control quality and content, boost your online presence and engage users who see your listing.

On BizNoid, once registered, you can create your profile, have access to update information, respond to reviews, add branded logos, and promote your product or service.

Tips when creating your online business listing in our directory:

  • Upload a clear logo. The suggested size for best display is 250×250.
    NOTE: Listings with no logo or banner submission, will not be approved. The staff of BizNoid reserves the right to locate and add your logo to your listing,  and make any additional changes to our listings before approval and activation in the directory.
  • List yourself in the appropriate category. There is an area in your admin section that allows you to suggest new categories, be sure to use it to notify the staff to include you in multiple categories.
  • Details, details, details. Your listing should have lots of information and written well. You have two areas in your listing to capture users, in the excerpt of your listing and in the more details section. Be sure to load those areas up with engaging content.
  • Let others know about your listing and ask them for a review, use your social networking to promote your listing,   Your business directory posting offers an users the opportunity to rate and review which is displayed in your business rating icon.

There are a number of FREE services BizNoid offers including press release publication, featured business promotions and much more. Engage a staff member and send them any inquiry about how to get more FREE exposure.

Paid promotion includes placement of banner ads and custom promotion at affordable rates.
Please contact us should you need further assistance.