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Nancy O Block, DDS
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Business Name: Nancy O Block, DDS
Short Business Description: A Multi-Specialty Dental Practice Serving Metro Chicago including Lakeview, Lincoln Park, River North and the Gold Coast
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Dr. Nancy Block is a multi specialty family dentist serving Metro Chicago, including Lakeview, Lincoln Park, River North and the Gold Coast. She understands the importance of providing quality service and exceptional care that helps your family to maintain healthy teeth and gums. She specializes in General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry and Smile Makeover. People can also get Dental exams & cleaning, Digital X-rays, Dental fillings, Dental crowns, Dental bridges, Tooth whitening, Dentures and partials, Dental implants and Porcelain veneers.


Our comprehensive general dentistry services are designed to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. These preventative treatments can address a number of dental issues and work to keep you teeth and gums healthy and avoid serious dental issues in the future.
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Cosmetic Dentistry is the process of using specific dental treatments and techniques to address common aesthetic issues with your smile such as misaligned teeth, discolored or stained teeth, crooked teeth, cracked or broken teeth, damaged teeth and or even missing teeth.
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A smile makeover can include a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures used in combination to help you achieve the smile you have always dreamed of. An enhanced smile can significantly improve a person’s overall appearance, attitude, personality, and self-esteem.

Business Website Address: Dr.Nancy Block Web Site
Business Phone Number: (312) 649-1666
Business Fax: (312) 649-2419
Business Address: 100 E. Walton Street, Suite 400E
City: Chicago
Zip Code: 60611
Robert Rifkin Beverly Hills Dentist
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Short Business Description: Dr. Rifkin is the leading Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills, California
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Dr. Rifkin is the leading Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills. He is the dentist to the stars and his Beverly Hills dentistry is known throughout the world. Today patients travel from all over the globe for a smile makeover from Dr. Rifkin. Whether you are a superstar, an entertainer or just a terrific person, Dr. Rifkin and staff will treat you with the same individual care and attention to detail. Dr. Bob, as he is endearingly called by many of his patients, is on the cutting edge of modern technology.

He employs the latest techniques and most advanced scientific breakthroughs in the creation of his natural-looking, luminous smiles. His dental designer works hand in hand with him and the lab is located within the same medical building in Beverly Hills.

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Business Website Address: Dentistry website
Business Phone Number: (888) 819-0306
Business Address: 414 North Camden Dr.
City: Beverly Hills
Zip Code: 90210
Dr. Feffer Cosmetic Dentist in San Diego
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Short Business Description: Dr. Feffer is the leading Cosmetic Dentist in San Diego . Where Your Comfort Is Always Our Primary Concern. As you’ll see on this website, we have an amazing State-of-The-Art Dental Office (with our own lab) that allows us to provide you with outstanding care while often saving you thousands of dollars. However…….what we are most proud about is caring ABOUT YOU. We treat you like family and we’re always mindful that our number one priority is your comfort!
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Dr. Feffer is the leading Cosmetic Dentist in San Diego . Both Doctors Dr. Refkin & Dr. Feffer are known for their expertise and professionalism towards Dental Surgery & dental implants. Practicing General & Cosmetic Dentistry in the San Diego area since 1976.
We Can Save You Thousands!!
We can save you thousands and weeks of time because we have our own prosthetic lab right here in the office. Also…because of our revolutionary pricing philosophy we can save you thousands of dollars on veneers!

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Business Website Address: San Diego Dentures Website
Business Phone Number: 619-464-3944
Business Address: 8881 Fletcher Parkway 220
City: La Mesa
Zip Code: 91942