Birthday Gifts for Dads

Birthday Gifts for Dads

When it comes to birthday and holiday shopping, dads are known to be the hardest person to shop for. How do you pick out a gift for someone who seems to have everything he needs and wants? Even if your dad has a hobby or favorite activity, it can still feel challenging to find something new every time his birthday or a holiday happens.

Here are a few ideas to help you pick out the perfect birthday gift for Dad:

Drink Cooler

It doesn’t matter if your dad likes to BBQ or host tailgate parties before the big game; a drink cooler is always necessary! Choose a small portable cooler for adventures and outings. Or, pick a large cooler if Dad often hosts friends and family members for bigger parties.

Power Tools

Every man loves to have a functional collection of power tools. If his tools are old, then it might be time to replace a few of them. Or consider adding a few unique tools to his collection. There are a variety of tools that a handyman dad will love: drill attachments, batter superchargers, cordless nail guns, saws and routers, pocket-hole jigs, and more.

Consider the hobbies and activities he enjoys, then visit the home improvement store to find power tools that he would like.

Travel Accessories

Is Dad enjoying retirement by spending time on the road? Travel is a common activity in retirement. Not only does he want to see his grandkids, but he might also travel to foreign destinations on his bucket list. Look for gifts that will make travel more comfortable and convenient, such as a lightweight rolling suitcase, neck pillow, or even an airline voucher if you want to help by paying for your next trip.


If your dad doesn’t want more “stuff” in the house, then consider gifting an experience instead. The possibilities are limitless: tickets to a sporting event, restaurant gift cards, a massage, concert tickets, a cozy cabin stay, etc. Make it more memorable by planning the experience together so you can spend quality time with your dad and other family members.

 – Written by Becki Andrus