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Backyard Winter Camping Ideas

Backyard Winter Camping Ideas

Winter is a time to bundle up, cuddle up and hunker down. It’s also the perfect time to go camping…in your own backyard! Backyard camping is a great option if you’re looking for a way to get outside with your kids and enjoy nature. Here are some fun ways to get away from it all this winter.

1. Start by setting the stage

Make decorations to make your backyard feel and look more like a camping site. Here are some ideas on how to get started:

  • Make a tent. This is a great one to do with your kids or grandkids! Just grab a sheet, go outside, and have them help you make it into a tent by tying off the corners of the sheet onto stakes or tree branches. You can also hang things inside your tent, like lanterns or flashlights.
  • Make a campfire. Having an outdoor campfire is the best way to start camping. You don’t need any fancy tools here—just gather up some wood from around your yard and stack it up between two logs horizontally so that when lit on top, it burns down into itself instead of spreading across grassy areas nearby.
  • Make a sign. Make a trail sign indicating where “camp” is located directly behind this house: We recommend using plastic signs, so they’re easy-to-clean off. 

2. Have a designated picnic area

If you feel like getting in touch with nature but don’t want to sleep outside, then camping out in your backyard is an excellent compromise. It allows you to enjoy the outdoors without giving up the comforts of home.

  • Drape a picnic blanket over the table, covering its surface areas.
  • Spread another blanket on the ground for people who would rather sit on grass or dirt than on hardwood furniture.
  • Pack a basket of food and beverages for everyone attending: sandwiches, chips, dip, strawberries dipped in dark chocolate—whatever suits your tastes! You’ll also want water bottles or pitchers full of ice-cold drinks like lemonade or iced tea. 

Set up camp chairs around your table and spend quality time together enjoying each other’s company while eating delicious food under beautiful green. Do your best to bring all the stuff you’ll need for camping to the backyard, so you don’t need to go into the house later.

3. Plan your camping activities

Besides camping and eating, you must consider different ways to stay entertained. Make S’mores, for example, plan a star-gazing night or share some campfire stories with your children. These are all different ways to have fun in your backyard. 

Bring some natural juices in wintertime and set up your shaved ice cream station. Bring some cups and have everyone create their ice cream for a change. Make snow angels and snowmen, or maybe even have a snowball fight!

You can have some fun in your own backyard

Camping is a great way to spend time with friends and family, but if you need to go far away from home and pay big bucks to get the experience, think again. Just because you’re not going far doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Outdoor camping doesn’t have to be expensive either; there are many ways that you can get out there for less cost than expected or even free!

You can still have fun with these backyard camping ideas, regardless of age. Even if you don’t think your backyard is big enough to do everything we’ve listed above, make sure you don’t let that stop you from trying! Remember: it’s all about being outside, enjoying nature, and spending quality time with friends or family.

Written by Geraldine Orentas in partnership with fence rental suppliers, Viking Fence.