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Kinji San Martial Arts Supplies
Looking for a branded Martial Arts Store! Just have a look at the online store of Kinji San. Giving superior services, the store is available 24hours for selecting your necessary materials.

Kinji San is a Brooklyn, New York based martial arts store operating since 1976.

We are wholesale/retailers, suppliers of quality uniforms & color belts, training shoes, sparring & training equipment, training videos, books, etc. We aim to provide top quality martial arts products with top notch customer service to the customers all throughout the USA. See our online products.

Our mission is to inspire passion in martial arts artists by making life easier in finding the best martial arts supplies and shopping experience out there. So, please let us inspire you with our stunning range of products.

Kinji San Martial Arts Supply Store
(718) 253-8415
3010 Ave. M
New York