Manufacturing Resource Network

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Manufacturing Resource Network, LLC
Manufacturing Resource Network’s (MRN) mission is to provide immediate technical and leadership expertise to manufacturers along with the ability to secure new staff to replace ourselves.

MRN has been favored with work from Private Equity firms, businesses in transition, and those looking to improve their profitability.

Over 25 years experience in manufacturing for companies including Hydril, Honeywell, Sulzer, SPX and in consulting for Dover, Cameron and several private equity companies.
Began his career in manufacturing engineering and has 10 years of experience as a CEO in companies with $200M in sales.
Specializes in working with engineered to order companies and has written a book on this subject.
Served as CEO and interim CEO for several private equity companies.
Experienced in the design of complete manufacturing processes.
Supply chain management, procurement, sourcing and supplier strategies.
Working capital management.
Plant rationalization and consolidation.

Manufacturing Resource Network, LLC
662 Lois Drive