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Robert Rifkin Beverly Hills Dentist
Dr. Rifkin is the leading Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills, California

Dr. Rifkin is the leading Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills. He is the dentist to the stars and his Beverly Hills dentistry is known throughout the world. Today patients travel from all over the globe for a smile makeover from Dr. Rifkin. Whether you are a superstar, an entertainer or just a terrific person, Dr. Rifkin and staff will treat you with the same individual care and attention to detail. Dr. Bob, as he is endearingly called by many of his patients, is on the cutting edge of modern technology.

He employs the latest techniques and most advanced scientific breakthroughs in the creation of his natural-looking, luminous smiles. His dental designer works hand in hand with him and the lab is located within the same medical building in Beverly Hills.

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