Belgian Malinois Protection Dog For Sale

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K9-Personal Protection
K9-Personal Protection
Protection Dogs For Sale. Personal protection services. K-9 German Shepard Trained Dogs.

Get your Family protected with Trained Protection Dogs available for Sale. Our German shepherd dogs for sale are trained by police K-9 trainers.

We are an international dog training center located just outside of Newport Beach, California. Over the last 10 years we have developer a loyal golbal clientele as a result of our unique approach to training, and innovations in how our dogs protect their owners.

Real Family Protection Training

We don’t sell kennel dogs, mean dogs, or “guard dogs.” We specialize in training protection dogs you can trust in your home. Our dogs stay with adults, children and other pets during their training, so you can be sure they’re ready to become your family’s well-behaved companion and protector.

K9-Personal Protection
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