3D detailing.

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IdeaNet solutions INC
IdeaNet solutions INC
BJ Design Services, headquartered in TX, USA, is an emerging structural steel detailing services provider. With our associate partner IdeaNet Solutions Inc based in Banglore, India; we have been working with Steel Erectors and Steel Fabricators across the globe. Our certified team of steel detailers can undertake commercial, institutional, miscellaneous steel detailing projects.

deaNet Solutions Inc is a fast growing Structural Detailing company providing specialized services in the field of Structural Detailing for Steel, Concrete and Masonry projects.

We have been providing quality Structural Steel detailing services for the Fabricators, Erectors and EOR in USA and Canada based on AISC, NISD, CISC including OHSA standards. Our highly qualified and experienced team of engineers and Steel Detailers stand ready to help you turn your structural design/detailing projects around quickly. Our Principal is a Structural Engineer, P.E. , based in Houston, TX.

We are equipped with the latest design software, IT equipment, and telecommunications infrastructure.

We have experience with a variety of projects including residential, commercial, institutional, municipal utility district projects – offices, schools, retail stores, shopping centers, warehouses, metal building foundations, waste water treatment plants, etc.

We create drawings specific to the client standards provided by the client. We have quick project turn around capabilities.

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