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PreservAll, LLC Garment Storage Bags
PreservAll presents advanced garment protection bags to preserve delicate garments, shoes, and handbags using the ‘Intercept Technology’.

PreservAll is a popular brand of clean and chemical-free storage bags to protect garments, antiques, hunting equipment, digital storage devices, documents, and tents.

We use the world’s most advanced protective technique known as the ‘Intercept Technology’ that is easy, non-toxic, effective, and proven. We have been in the protective bags industry for nearly 20 years and have collaborated with many museums and conservators over the course. The environment we live in today is polluted with many corrosive gases, excessive sunlight, dust, and smoke. In addition, our choice of garments, shoes, and other accessories like handbags are made of exquisite and delicate materials.

PreservAll presents garment storage bags imbibed with the revolutionary ‘Intercept Technology’ to protect these delicate and expensive garments from airborne contaminants, UV rays, corrosive gases, molds, mildew, dirt, dust, and insects. Yes, that’s the long list of harmful elements that can attack the delicate fabric of your priced fashion accessories and decrease their value. PreservAll garment protection bags will help you prolong the life of your garments, shoes, and handbags by actively removing these harmful elements and neutralizing the corrosive gases. In addition to fabric of the garments, these garment protection bags will also protect buttons, beadings, clasps, fasteners, leathers, and more. For more details, visit web site.

PreservAll safeguards your valuables from

– Airborne contaminants and pollution
– Sunlight and ultraviolet rays
– Corrosion, tarnish, and oxidation
– Dirt, dust, and insects
– Mold and mildew

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