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Waterless Works®
Waterless Works®
Waterless Works was founded by Christopher Caporale in 2014 with an aim to clean dirty cars with safe and Eco-friendly practices.

Waterless Works® is an automobile cleaning company that started their business operations in the year 2014. The company use completely water less ways to clean cars that does not require a single drop of water cars and which is their specialization.

Founder Christopher Caporale was merely 16 years old when the idea of what became Waterless Works was born. Every Sunday, he would take his first car to the traditional car wash. However, one Sunday, he came back from the car wash to find 5 deep scratches in the paint.

Chris was eager to find a new way to clean his car. After some thorough research, The Waterless Wash was found. The Waterless Wash is a solution made out of plant and clay based materials that is by far the least abrasive and therefore best way to wash your car. He started washing his “baby” at home and thought to himself that he would love for someone to come and provide this service for him. However, it was not until about 5 years later when studying at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, when his idea became a reality.

Waterless ways to clean cars
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