Cybercrime Investigator Training

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Cybercrime Investigators
Welcome to
the International Fraternity of Cybercrime Investigators (IFCI)

The U.S. Department of Justice recognizes cybercrime as one of the biggest threats facing our nation’s security, prosperity and safety — and it’s not a threat that will simply go away. At IFCI, our mission is to equip highly skilled analysts and investigators to combat this threat both in the U.S. and abroad.

IFCI Cybercrime Investigator training provides in-depth knowledge and experience in the following key fields:

Computer Forensics, Network Intrusion & Data Breach Analysis
Malware Analysis
Cyber Threat Intelligence

Expert Training

Through IFCI, you’ll receive in-depth, hands-on technical training from some of the top experts in federal law enforcement, as well as first-class instruction from highly recognized university professors.

Expect to log a lot of lab hours — our lab-intensive training is designed to give you not only academic knowledge of your field, but to instill you with practical, rubber-meets-the-road investigative skills that you can put to use immediately upon course completion.


Currently, IFCI students can receive professional certification as a Certified Cybercrime Investigator (IFCI-CCI). In the future, the following certification programs will also be available:

Certified Mobile Device Forensics Analyst
Certified Malware Analyst
Certified Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

Ready to become a certified cybercrime fighter? Click here to begin your journey into the world of computer forensics, international cybercrime, and advanced investigative skills.

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