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The Center for Connection, Healing and Change
Are you looking for quality marriage counseling, couples therapy or family therapy in Woodbridge, VA?

The Center for Connection, Healing & Change offers individual, couple and family therapy services. We specialize in the development of secure and connected relationships, both to ourselves and our most important others.

The Center for Connection, Healing & Change in Woodbridge, VA specializes in relationships. More specifically, the creation of secure, close and satisfying connections with the people we love the most.

We choose to specialize in couple and family therapy because we know the importance of healthy and happy relationships for our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. When our relationships are going well, we have the confidence and energy we need to tackle most challenges that life sends our way.

Our services also focus on the relationship we have with ourselves; how well we can live with emotional ease, know who we are, and access our resilience in moments of hurt or stress.

We take an interdisciplinary approach, interweaving individual, couple and family therapy services with the timeless wisdoms of yoga, meditation, and nutrition to provide you with emotional calm, abundant self-worth, and harmonious relationships.

(703) 878-3290
12751 Marblestone Dr, Suite 200

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